Have you been denied Social Security Disability?

If you can’t work because of a disability, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income. We represent people at all stages of the appeal process. We work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning we do not get paid attorney fees unless you win your case.

Filing an application

  • You can file your claim online at
  • You can also contact your local Social Security office and schedule an appointment to apply over the telephone.
  • If you are denied benefits, you have 60 days to file an appeal.

How we can help

  • We can help you complete Social Security forms.
  • If you are denied benefits, we can review your claim and determine why it was denied.
  • We can make sure that the necessary appeals documents are filed on time.
  • We understand Social Security’s requirements for getting disability benefits, and can help you describe your condition effectively.
  • We will contact your doctors and get relevant medical information.
  • We will prepare you for your hearing and help present your case to an Administrative Law Judge.
  • If necessary, we can appeal your denial to Federal Court.

More Information:

Contact us now for a free consultation

  • When you call our office, you will speak with a trained paralegal, who will ask you questions about your claim.  It will help us if you have a copy of your most recent denial when you call.  The paralegal will then schedule a time for you to discuss your claim with one of our attorneys.

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Tips to help your Social Security claim

  • See your doctor regularly about your disability and explain your condition thoroughly.
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment advice.
  • Notify your attorney about changes in your condition and/or treatment, and any hospitalizations or surgeries.
  • If you have ever been told that you have a drug or alcohol problem, you should maintain sobriety, follow treatment advice, and attend AA or NA.

Elizabeth says:

"Very helpful, and understanding. You stuck with me even when I was at my wit's end. I couldn't have found a better lawyer. You are the best!"