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For many families in Iowa, the high cost of long-term care for loved ones leaves them facing difficult financial decisions. In Iowa, the average cost of long-term skilled nursing care is almost $6,000 per month.

Many families and individuals may not think they qualify for Medicaid because they mistakenly believe that they have too many assets. As a result, they end up paying out of pocket for long-term care until their savings and retirement funds run dry. However, with careful planning, your family can protect your estate and receive the financial support of Medicaid to pay for long-term care.

At Hoefer Flaming PLLC, our team of attorneys can develop a comprehensive plan for paying for long-term care with the assistance of Medicaid while protecting your family's assets.

Whether a loved one has already entered long-term care or you are planning for the future, our attorneys have the expertise to navigate the complexity of Medicaid’s state and federal financial eligibility requirements.

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